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The Batman by Joshuasigler
The Batman
The Batman

Real name)
Bruce Wayne.

First appearance)
Detective Comics #27 May 1939

Personal comment)
Batman's weapon of choice is fear. In the dark knight trilogy they made him look more tough then scary.

A family outing to the cinema ended in tragedy for young Bruce Wayne. Walking homeward, Bruce, his father, Thomas, and mother, Martha, accidentally ventured into Gotham City's notorious "Crime Alley" and were accosted by a mugger. Not content merely to rob the wealthy family, the hoodlum - whose identity was "never determined" - shot Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne dead before fleeing into the darkness. As he knelt beside his parent's bodies, Bruce swore to avenge them. After the police arrived, Bruce was comforted by Dr. Leslie THompkins. Dr. Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth helped arrange matters so that Gotham's Social Services would not take Bruce into care. In this way, both Dr. Thompkins and Alfred enabled Bruce to realize his dream of becoming a crusader against crime.At age 14, Bruce embarked on a journey that took him to every continent as he sought to learn all the skills he would need to keep his vow. He studied criminology, forensics, and criminal psychology, and learned from manhunters and martial artists, mastering every fighting style. In time, Bruce forged himself into a living weapon to wage war on crime and injustice. On his return to Gotham, Bruce stalked street thugs as a plainclothes vigilante. Beaten by the very people he intended to protect, he barely survived his first night out. As he sat bleeding in his study at Wayne Manor Bruce knew that he had to first strike fear in the hearts of his foes. Just then, a bat crashed through the study window, giving Bruce the inspiration he needed.
Jenna Kellen by Joshuasigler
Jenna Kellen
Just some fan art of the amazing and great Jenna Kellen.

Hell Spawn by Joshuasigler
Hell Spawn

Who) Hell Spawn

Real name) Al Simmons

First appearance) Spawn #1 (1992) Image Comics

Personal comment) I have been a big fan of spawn since as long as I have been a Batman fan.

"You sent me to Hell, Jason! I'm here to return the favor!"
"Zack: Relax, mister. I've seen worse faces at the coroner's.
Spawn: Thanks, kid. That makes me feel *much* better."

Story) Al Simmons was a top assassin for the CIA. When he was betrayed by his own men, he went to hell and made a deal with the demon Maelbolgia to see his wife one last time. Al was sent back to earth with little to no memory of his past, a hideously scarred body and face, and supernatural powers. Being called the Spawn, Al leaned his mission in life, to lead the armies of hell in a war to destroy heaven and make Maelbolgia king of all. Spawn refused and has since had to fight enemies of heaven and hell, all the while trying to protect and get back to the women he loves, his wife Wanda.…

Scarface AND the Ventriloquist by Joshuasigler
Scarface AND the Ventriloquist
Who) Scarface AND the Ventriloquist

Real name) (The Ventriloquist) Arnold Wesker

First appearance) (Both) Detective Comics #583 February 1988

Personal comment)
This is a Batman creator I was never really that into till I read both their stories.

(Ventriloquist) "No please, Mister Scarface don't hurt me. He made me tell him."

(scarface) "Oh don't mind the dummy with the glasses, hes just hired help"

Gotham's Blackgate Penitentiary once had a Gallows Tree from which 313 criminals with death sentences were hanged. The wood from that tree was whittled by an inmate into the puppet Scarface, and that inmate was murdered by Arnold Wesker, a man who soon fell under Scarface's influence. While most believe that Scarface is simply a tool through which Wesker, as the criminal mastermind, the Ventriloquist, acts out a dark side to his personality, Wesker himself believes that Scarface is possessed by the souls of who died beneath the gallows Tree, and the puppet actually motivates him to commit the duo's many crimes.

(The Ventriloquist)

Arnold Wesker is a ventriloquist with multiple personalities. His puppet is a gangster named Scarface. Under the puppet's psychological influence, Wesker is a dangerous and ruthless criminal and crime boss. It has been implied that the Ventriloquist suffers from multiple personality disorder. Wesker was originally a timid orphan whose deep repression erupted into a barroom brawl, resulting in him being sent to Blackgate Prison. There he encountered the ventriloquist dummy Scarface and promptly murdered the man who'd carved the dummy. The two are now inseparable, directing a series of criminal activities. While most believe that Scarface is a tool by Wesker is simply acting out a dark side to his personality, the Ventriloquist sees himself as a reluctant lackey who is forced to do Scarface's bidding.


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My name is Joshua sigler ....If I can just show the world the things I can see in my twisted childish imagination with a piece of paper I will die happy.

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