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Harley Quinn. by Joshuasigler
Harley Quinn.
Drawn on an Ipad and inspired by model Lana.
Batman Beyond by Joshuasigler
Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond, (Also known as Batman of the Future in some regions)

Real name)
Terry McGinnis

First appearance)
Batman Beyond (TV Series 1999–2001).
In the comics) Batman #700 (June 2010)

Personal comment)
I loved the TV show as a kid and would love to see a movie or a game.

"The night is young and so am I"

The pilot episode, titled "Rebirth," initially begins in the year 2019, 20 years after The New Batman Adventures. An aging Bruce Wayne continues his role as Batman in a high-tech Batsuit, having severed his ties with those of his former allies (such as his former sidekicks, the officers and detectives of the Gotham City Police Department, and the Justice League) and enemies who are still alive. In the rescue of a kidnapped heiress, Batman suffers a mild heart attack and, at risk of being beaten to death by one of the kidnappers, is forced to betray a lifelong principle by threatening to use a gun. Ultimately, Bruce reluctantly decides that his time as Batman is over and vows "never again" as he shuts down the Batcave.

The story fast-forwards to 2039 in Neo-Gotham, a futuristic megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles. Bruce is now a recluse living in bitter isolation in Wayne Manor, with no companion but his guard dog Ace. Terry McGinnis is an athletic 17-year-old high school student and reformed troublemaker with a deeply ingrained sense of personal justice. Living on poor terms with his father Warren, Terry disobeys his curfew one night to meet up with his girlfriend Dana Tan, only to incur the wrath of a group of the Jokerz gang harassing them. A high-speed motorcycle chase between Terry and the Jokerz leads them to the grounds of Wayne Manor, where they run into the elderly Bruce Wayne. Bruce and Terry fend off the Jokerz side-by-side, but the exertion aggravates Bruce's heart condition. Terry helps Bruce back to the manor and, while exploring the mansion, stumbles upon the entrance to the Batcave, only to be chased out by a recovered and angered Bruce.

Terry returns home to discover that his father has been murdered, apparently by the vengeful Jokerz. Soon after, though, he discovers that his father had stumbled onto information about the production of illegal chemical weapons by the merged Wayne-Powers (Wayne's former company, bought out and run by CEO Derek Powers) and that the man actually responsible for his father's murder is Mr. Fixx, Powers' personal assistant and bodyguard. Terry goes to Bruce for help, but Bruce refuses, feeling he is too old and too weak to be of any use. Terry subsequently steals the Batsuit, intending to bring Powers to justice. Bruce initially opposes all of Terry's efforts and vehemently demands he return the suit (at one point even paralyzing the suit while Terry is wearing it in the midst of a fight), but Terry convinces Bruce to let him take on the Batman mantle, partially by drawing on the fact they both lost a parent to criminals, and subsequently defeats Mr. Fixx. During the battle, Powers is exposed to the chemical and forced to flee into hiding to receive treatment, which subsequently mutates him into a radiation-emitting entity, Blight, though he uses artificial skin to hide the accident. Realizing that crime and corruption are running rampant in Gotham without Batman's presence, Bruce offers Terry the chance to assume the role of Batman.

Terry's Batman soon develops his own rogues gallery, with both new villains (Blight himself; seductive shape-shifter Inque; hypnotist Spellbinder; sound weaponizer Shriek; deadly assassin Curare; insane terrorist Mad Stan; cybernetically-enhanced African big game hunter Stalker; nerdy psychokinetic Willie Watt; a new version of the Royal Flush Gang) as well as some of his mentor's old foes (a rejuvenated Mr. Freeze; Bane's strength-enhancing Venom substance reborn as slap-on patches; the longevous Ra's al Ghul; and, almost inevitably, the Joker himself).

Terry also makes allies in Neo-Gotham, such as the 17-year-old computer genius Maxine "Max" Gibson, who discovers Batman's secret identity and helps Terry with everything from computer hacking to babysitting, and police commissioner Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl who is unhappy about another person following in Bruce's dark and dangerous steps (though she admits the city needs Batman and that Terry could not be deterred from being Batman any more than she could have been from being Batgirl).
— at Batman #700 (June 2010).
Calendar Man by Joshuasigler
Calendar Man
Who) Calendar Man aka " the Calendar killer

Real name) Julian Gregory Day

First appearance) Detective Comics #259 (September, 1958)

Personal comment) As long as Calendar Man has been in the comics he has been on the top 5 list of worst Batman creators of all time till the game batman Arkham City’s.

Well, well, well, Batman, you listened well. You appear to understand the importance of dates, don’t you? Let me tell you about this day, this day of fools.

I remember clearly that I watched her for days, waiting for the perfect moment. It was cold that March; it felt like spring would never come.

They drank coffee and she confessed her life lacked surprises. For six more days I watched.

April 1st, 5:22 a.m., I finished cutting through the brake lines of her car.

From the camera I placed on her dash, I saw her panic. My only regret? She couldn’t hear me yell, ‘Surprise!’

As a youth, Julian Day's father promised he would be home for the holidays. Taking a bus to wait for him at a bus stop, Day waited from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day. When the police took Day in on New Year's Day, he was almost dead from exposure. From then on, Day began to assign almost literal meanings to each day. In addition, he began to suffer mood swings related to the days.

Within a few months, Mother's Day came but Julian's mother wasn't exactly the warmest person to approach. Julian tried to demonstrate his love but his mother showed nothing but contempt with her cold dead eyes. In a fit of uncontrollable rage, Julian attacked his mother. When Julian regained his senses, he realized that he was holding his mother' beating heart in the bloody palm of his hand.

On Father's Day, Julian discovered that his old man was living in East End Docks. Julian tells his father that he wants to clear the air between them by having an afternoon to themselves. Julian insists that the two of them go out onto Gotham Bay for some fishing. The day slowed to a crawl as Julian finished hacking what was left of his father. Julian used various parts of his father to reel in some big catches. From that day forward, when ever Julian ate a nice serving of fish, he felt a little bit closer to his dear old dad.
Professor PYG by Joshuasigler
Professor PYG
Who) Professor PYG

Real name) Lazlo Valentin

First appearance) Batman #666 July 2007

Personal comment) Was going for a serial killer Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield style creator. For all that don't know, Ed Gein was the person that inspired the horror movie creators like leather face, Norman Bates and buffalo bill.

Quotes) You've been a bad man Niko, but that's all over now. PYG will make you perfect.

Professor Pyg has an obsession with making people "perfect", which he accomplishes by transforming them into Dollotrons, a process that bonds false "doll" faces to their own, presumably permanently. Professor Pyg uses cordless drills, hammers and ice picks along with the "doll" faces in the process of converting his victims into Dollotrons. It appears the operation he performs involves brain surgery or a form of lobotomization and possible gender realignment. Behind his mask he is a middle-aged Caucasian male. He wears a simple pig mask and is often depicted wearing a makeshift surgical outfit.

Morrison describes the character as "one of the weirdest, most insane characters that's ever been in Batman. We hear a lot about Batman facing crazy villains but we tried to make this guy seem genuinely disturbed and disconnected." The character name is a shortened form of Pygmalion.


No journal entries yet.


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My name is Joshua sigler ....If I can just show the world the things I can see in my twisted childish imagination with a piece of paper ill die happy,and i think i have. =]

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